Tier 5 DEF Deletes now available!

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Dixon Ag Performance operates under strong core values aimed at meeting customers needs with honesty and integrity. Our communication channels are always open. We take pride in our client relationships and offer a wide selection of products designed to save you time and increase your profitability. 

Whether it’s balancing or tuning, engine performance or a parts upgrade, you can count on us for the results you need.  Discover the advantage of working with Dixon Ag Performance and TURN IT ON!

Dynamic Balancing

Balancing reduces vibration which increases bearing life and lowers down time. We specialize in balancing combines of any color and it’s done on site! 

Deletes Available For
ALL Tier Levels

Install a DEF Delete and avoid costly repairs and down time as well as the hassle and expense of  DEF fluid.  Modules and Tunes available for most Ag equipment and Heavy Trucks. Contact us for availability. 

Engine Efficiency Upgrades

Install a Module or Tune to give you extra power when needed while saving fuel all day long.

Specialty Upgrades

Stewart Steel – Unload-Auger Extensions, Heavy Duty Feeder Gearboxes, Sprayer Tank Extensions.

Black Ace Parts – Selection of Case IH upgrade parts and Bull-Pull Hitches

DSG(Diesel Services Group) – Diesel Engine Parts


About us

With a combined 50 years of experience in the Ag Industry we can provide farmers with solutions. Cody is a journeyman mechanic specializing in Case products and Brent is a retired farmer with an engineering background and together they provide a wealth of knowledge and experience.  At Dixon Ag Performance, your satisfaction is our main priority. We have partnered with companies at the top of their field to provide you with the best available products and service for your field.



Off-highway tunes (DPF-EGR-CGI-DEF-UREA-VGT-VNT……deletes) are intended for off-road use and in competitions only and are not to be used on public roads or highways.

The BUYER is responsible for obeying all applicable federal, provincial, state and local laws, statutes, and ordinances when operating his/her vehicle (including emissions related laws), and the BUYER agrees the SELLER (and its employees, directors, successors, sub-contractors, business associates, and affiliates) WILL NOT be held responsible for any violations.  

Under no circumstances will the SELLER (Dixon Ag Performance) be held liable for any damage, expenses or personal injury incurred by reason of the use, sale or test of any kind of product, or work performed by Dixon Ag Performance.

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